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What's the difference between 'Custom,' 'Made-to-Measure,' and 'Bespoke'?​


can mean anything. Choosing a colored lining or fancier buttons gives a suit maker the right to call it “custom.”  Bottom line, “custom” means you’ve had some say in the suit (even something as small as a button color), but the suit isn’t necessarily made for your body.



means there are a number of symmetrical adjustments (+/-) in girth(s) and length(s) to a pre-existing pattern. Because of this, ‘made-to-measure’ adjustments are limited. They typically cannot make adjustments for shoulder slope, posture, or any significant asymmetrical irregularities in your body, which are common.



refers to the process of creating a unique, original pattern specific to a client's body structure.  Unfortunately, the word "bespoke" has lost the impact it once had in the industry; most custom clothiers will claim to deliver a bespoke garment, but nearly all of them use a made-to-measure process. We are certified Master Bespoke Clothiers, and each of our clients experience a true bespoke process and product from start to finish.

Not only do our clients choose each and every detail, but each garment is hand-cut, hand-sewn, and suits each individual to exact specifications.  With bespoke clothing, our clients are able to see and (most importantly) feel the difference.

Bespoke is all we do, so regardless of your body type, your budget, your fabric selection, etc., you'll know you are wearing and experiencing a true bespoke garment if it has our label inside.

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