-Dry-clean only, and only when necessary. If you sweat heavily in your suit or spill something on your garment(s), we recommend having it dry-cleaned. Make sure to check with your dry-cleaner to make sure they are comfortable cleaning a custom-made garment; not all dry-cleaners have the proper gentle care equipment.

-Have the suit pressed to remove wrinkles, or to crisp up the creases down the pants. Between wears, it may be helpful to hang the suit up in the bathroom while the shower runs hot and naturally steams the room — this can help relax wrinkles.



-Laundering your shirt is better for the overall life of the garment, but will cause the garment to shrink much faster. 

-We recommend dry-cleaning the shirts, and only when necessary. We do not recommend cleaning each shirt after each wear. The chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process are harsher on the long-term life of your shirts; most likely though, you will want to replace your shirts before you notice any major wear on the shirts caused by dry-cleaning chemicals. Request that your dry-cleaner use light starch, if any.

-We do not recommend washing the shirts yourself.


Please note, King Brothers Clothiers cannot take responsibility for any items lost or damaged in the cleaning or pressing process. Some dry-cleaners have reimbursement policies in place for items lost or damaged. If you need an invoice to provide to your dry-cleaner for this purpose, please contact us.