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-Dry-clean only, and only when necessary. If you sweat heavily in your suit or spill something on your garment(s), we recommend having it dry-cleaned. Make sure to check with your dry-cleaner to make sure they are comfortable cleaning a custom-made garment; not all dry-cleaners have the proper gentle care equipment.

-Have the suit pressed to remove wrinkles, or to crisp up the creases down the pants. Between wears, it may be helpful to hang the suit up in the bathroom while the shower runs hot and naturally steams the room — this can help relax wrinkles.

-We do not recommend resting your hands in your pant pockets or using the pockets of your trousers for wallets, keys, phones, etc. There are plenty of pockets provided in the jackets that are designed for these items, and using the trouser pockets can inevitably lead damage to the fabric and/or tears along seams.

-100% wool fabrics are higher quality and more expensive than something with a polyester/synthetic blend so they need to be cared for and worn more gently. Just because it's custom made, does not mean it's more "durable" than what you buy at the store.   



-Laundering your shirt is better for the overall life of the garment, but will cause the garment to shrink much faster. 

-We recommend dry-cleaning the shirts, and only when necessary. We do not recommend cleaning each shirt after each wear. The chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process are harsher on the long-term life of your shirts; most likely though, you will want to replace your shirts before you notice any major wear on the shirts caused by wear and tear or dry-cleaning chemicals. Request that your dry-cleaner use light starch, if any.

-We do not recommend washing the shirts yourself.


-Dry cleaners have a tendency to break buttons in the dry cleaning process. Our suit buttons are often more delicate than plastic buttons, since they often are made from mother of pearl or horn. We will not be able to order replacement button sets if your dry cleaner breaks the buttons during the cleaning process. 

Please have a conversation with your dry cleaner about being careful with your suit buttons before you allow them to clean your suit.

Some practical tips to help get the most out of your custom clothing:

Purchase 2 pairs of trousers per suit, especially if you plan to wear the suit frequently.

However many days a week you wear suits (or suiting pieces), you need to own that many pieces, plus one, and add to the closet each year. This will help the things you own not wear “out,” but will also give you a backup in case something happens.

i.e. 3 days a week = start with 4 suits, and add from there.


Don’t drive or ride in a car with your jacket on.


Avoid carrying backpacks or bags with straps, while wearing your jacket.


Put your trousers on after you put your socks on. This will help your toenails not catch on inside pant seams or threads.


Properly store and hang your clothing up between wears.


This is not an all-inclusive list but should give you a guide as to some helpful practices to help get the most life out of your clothing. Remember, things will only last as well as they’re taken care of. Nothing lasts forever, including custom clothing.


The phrase "wear and tear" is a reality when you wear clothing. If you wear it, you can tear/damage it. 

Additional factors like cleaning can play a role as well.

If a garment has been worn even once, we cannot accept responsibility for tears, stains, fabric pulls/pilling (this can occur in major pressure points such as inner thighs),  or any other miscellaneous issues that can and sometimes do arise from regular use, cleaning, etc. and will not take responsibility for any items lost or damaged.

All King Brothers clothing items are to be treated with gentle care. Just because it's expensive, does NOT mean it's indestructible!

If you are located in Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we recommend using Mulberry's Cleaners for your laundering, dry-cleaning, and pressing needs.

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