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We create one-of-a-kind custom garments (suits, shirts, sportcoats, overcoats, etc.) for our clients.

We do this by exclusively using a bespoke process where we take all of your measurements to create a silhouette and pattern that is uniquely yours.  

We have thousands of fabric options to choose from in all colors, patterns, textures, materials, and price points. We exclusively construct with full canvas makes and industry-respected, "name brand" mills. 

Once measurements have been taken and fabrics have been selected, we walk through our proprietary design process where we choose linings, buttons, thread colors, silhouette, etc.

Whatever design or fit preferences you may have, we take into account- ensuring maximum comfort with a modern silhouette. 

We are as helpful in decision making as need be. We work with people who have many specific ideas of what they want, people who take advantage of all of the recommendations we can give, and everyone in between.

No two clients are the same, which is why each fitting appointment is curated to each individual's specific needs and wants.

WHAT we do

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