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We are Kenny and Danny King — twin brothers and business partners.  As twins, we’ve always inherently understood that clothing matters. Growing up, what we wore was one of the only ways people could tell us apart. They’d say, “You’re wearing blue and you’re wearing red. Now I know who is who.” That told us what we wore communicated a message — our clothing was part of our identity.

We’ve taken our understanding and passion for clothing and turned it into a business helping people accurately communicate who they are using what they wear. We help business professionals curate the perfect wardrobe for how they want to be perceived. We help people who are getting married create the perfect wedding ensembles for their important day. We help professional athletes ensure they’re taken as seriously off the court/field as they are while they are competing. And we help everyone in between. We believe you feel good when you look good and we love helping people feel like they look good.

WHO we are

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